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Saturday morning started with the saftely announcements and the longest queue I've seen so far XD I think almost everyone of the almost 800 people were in that line XD

Then opening ceremony with all guests on stage. MISHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ahem XD Sooo happy to see him again! GUH! So, there they were - Misha, Rob, Mitch, Lindsey, Amy, Katie and Julian. :D I immediately thought: OMG is Misha wearing that same blue shirt that was already ripped 2 years ago at aecon1?? Yes, he was and it really huge holes in it by now. Srsly, only Misha XD

Misha first panel was remarkable because of Misha's best friend, Darius. He shared childhood memories out of the audience or on stage LOL best thing - Misha got brest fed until he was six and his god child told that some VIP actors during a sports game in the VIP lounge or Misha getting always cast as the main act in plays, because his mother directed them or Misha having a job to deliver papers or coupons to houses and instead he threw them away. And then Sasha got the same job during the winter and buried them in deep snow which got them fired come spring XD This panel was just hilarious XD There weren't any remarkable questions besides maybe the ghost lady who told us she can see ghosts and was asking Misha to be her guardian angel. She gave him a huge wing on a neclace to wear.

After Misha's panel came the most exhausting and adrenaline causing time of the weekend. Somehow I had to do a million Misha ops LOL I had my strategy all planned out when with whom and how so I wouldn't miss anyone. Misha took my repeated appearance in the photo op room with a smile (or several) XD It was SO good to hug him again. Srsly, how can I miss someone so much even though I see him twice a year at most? But just walking into the room and seeing him taking pictures with the other fans just made my heart swell in my chest. I think he's the first and last man I will ever love so much.

Here are some of the results XD

In between was Rob's first panel, and he is SUCH a sweet, kind and funny guy! Lots of things to laugh and awwww about :D I'm sure someone has a recap of all the panels LOL

Now Julian - Julian is brilliant. I don't know how else to describe him. He's funny and he takes the sexual subtext of the show in strike and plays with us like a pro XD I think he and Misha are a new pairing to look into LOL Besides that he has an amazingly deep view of the mythology and the deeper tones of the show and his character. I was really impressed with his insight and his thoughts on everything.

I missed half of Mitch's panel due to lunch (yes, I actually ate something XD). The bar in the Hilton is still really outrageous slow. We're all convinced that the staff there is trained to NOT get into eyecontact with people waiting for food or even for the check. It's nearly impossible to eat there when you have to be somewhere 2 hrs later, cos the time WILL NOT BE ENOUGH to get food and pay for it. We sat there, waving around for them to notice us, but to no avail. It was almost funny, because we weren't the only ones. Sometimes up to 3 or 4 tables were full of people waving for someone of the waiters to get noticed. And it's not as if there werent enough of them! For a bar this size, one would think that 4 or 5 people are enough. Incapable - all of them. At least the food was okay. Misha was seen eating there with his Haiti people several times :)

The Lindsey, Amy and Katie panel was nice as well. Katie is such a cute girl, all giggles and laughs and Lindsey is srsly hot. It was a good idea to put them all together, because I doubt there would have been enough questions for Katie or Lindsey to fill a whole panel, but like this they all got an equal amount of questions and and pause that might have occured got chatted away by Amy (Amy was really really chatty XD) :D

Last thing of the day was the concert of Jason Manns and Loudan Swain in the evening. Jason's concert once again was amazing. I love his songs and the athmosphere with all of us sitting in front of the stage enjoying his music and to sing along is the best thing ever. All of the guests where there and Misha brought his best friend Darius. Both of them were goofing around all the time, laughing and having loads of fun. It was so nice to see Misha so relaxed and enjoying his time. I think both of them were pretty drunk already when the concert started - at some point both of them had TWO glasses of beer and booze in their hands XDD

Loudan Swain was an entirely different thing LOL Rob is such as sweet and cute on stage, but the music is not really my thing. I stood almost right in front of the stage so I moved around a bit, but I was thinking about leaving my spot for someone else to get some fresh air. So glad I didn't do that though because at some point I got pushed forward suddenly and I just wanted to turn around and complain until I saw that it was Misha who pushed his way through the crowd and unbalanced quite a few girls on his way XD He and Julian did an outstanding dancing performance on stage and Julian even stayed in the middle of us for a few more songs. It's incredible what kind of energy this man got LOL he's only one year younger than my father XDD

Here's the vid I made. Sound sucks, cos my camer couldn't handle the volume XD

That's it for saturday now. We went to bed soon afterwards, cos we were just so tired LOL I hope we didn't miss too epic stuff at the parties XD

Here comes the most epic sunday ever :D

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