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Sunday was one of the best days I've had at any convention. The panels were absolutely amazing! Misha's panel... omg, I start sobbing just thinking about it!!

But first things first. We decided to skip Mitch's panel in the morning to get our autographs with Amy, Katie, Lindsey and Julian. We skipped Doug's safety announcements as well, but shhhhhh, don't tell Doug! XD It was a good thing we did so though, cos we could even see the door of the autograph's room XD

And Rogue even started almost on time! They were only 4 min late which must be a record XD So I got all my autographs and I think at my 4th con I finally am relaxed enough to talk to them freely and without freaking out silently XD The girls are all sooo nice and sweet and they were all very relaxed :D I was asking Katie and Lindsey what they thought about their first con and chatting with Amy about being not as tired as expected after such a short night. Julian is simply a very funny and laid back guy and I asked him if he'd expected cons to be like that and if he got warned about the fans XD

Following was Misha's second panel and I think it's my most favourite panel EVER. Right at the beginning he made clear that he won't be answering any hypothetical and What If questions anymore, because they are simply boring and he just con't come up with any funny answer anymore. I half expected 2/3 of the million queuing people to go back to their seats LOL And then the epicness began. He told stories about West and his first word ("dog"), about how he'll probably be a zombie for halloween cos he's walking so funnily, and about being a bad dad for missing his first Halloween. He told a story about the bed he made for Vicki when she was his girlfriend and how he had to take it with him to university and into his dormitory to finish it and how he spread sawdust in the whole building and how Vickis mum is very catholic and made Vicki wear a promising ring to stay a virgin till the wedding and how that ring broke when they moved the huge bed into their first appartment LOL

Found a YT vid with those stories :D

And then he told us their engagement story and omg, he started to tear up and I was short of sobbing into my hands by that time, and the audience was all silently awwwing. I didn't find a lot of vids of that story, just one to be exact and the sound was horrible so not posting it here. Just go to the report of [ profile] littlehollyleaf - she did a lovely recap of everthing in her report here halfway down the page under the headline Misha on his relationship with Viki . It was the most moving thing I've ever heard. I had no idea I could love Misha even more than I already do. HOW can he be so awesome and lovely and perfect?! UGH, I should stop thinking about him so much.

Here, have more photo ops instead XD

(he was staring right into my eyes the whole time. oh god.)

(yes, his legs are just as muscular as anyone thinks they are. And the hand on my neck and shoulder... ummm...yes... I died inside)

Afterwards (after I calmed down, which took a while XD) there was Rob's panel and that one was awesome as well :D I don't recall much, besides him telling us he learned french for seven years, which was completely useless, cos noone speaks french in USA XD and he asked in which country ppl speak welsh, which he wanted to take back the second he asked XD

Then lunch and then we got in line for the autographs of Mitch, Rob and Misha :D

Just as like with the girls I was actually able to talk to all of them for a few seconds! I couldn't believe my luck when I was actually the only one at the table of Rob and Misha LOL And the most epic moment of this afternoon? Misha asking when he'll see me again. ASDFGHJKL. My grin must have been epic when I told him it's gonna be next may. He asked if Birmingham or Germany, I said Germany and then he did his usually "I'm gonna wink at her to see if she's gonna faint" game XD and I still can't believe I forgot to give him is present LOL *headdesks hard*

After that it was the auction and raffle and it was highly hilarious to see Julian presenting the photographs LOL He even put hugs and kisses on top so people would bid more money. He's such an awesome guy LOL

Then the last panel with Lindsey, Katie and Julian. A very impressive combination - Faith, Reaper and Death on one stage XD That panel got crashed by Misha and there were awesome things coming out of it, like the sexual tension between Faith and Cas and Misha pouting for not being told earlier XD For the rest of the panel Julian's answers were "Misha Collins" LOL Is there fic? I think I'm shipping them XDD

Then closing ceremony which was brilliant with Misha groping our pour host Doug...again... LOL Doug said he's gonna wear a chastity belt next con XDD

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then it was already over... D:

This time I couldn't hang out at the con hotel for hours afterwards, which was kinda said, but [ profile] sijay and I had a train to catch so we could get to Leeds for a birthday party of our friend. (we almost missed it btw XDD)

And that was that. Epic. I loved all of it. Even the endless queueing on friday... srsly, it ranks right under aecon1 and that's telling something XD

Thanks for reading all this and I hope my spelling and grammar is not TOO bad. I hope I won't be responsible for any eye cancer XD
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