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Since I got a lot of friends all over the world and christmas is on its way I had the idea of writing a little entry on how my family celebrates Christmas. I'm sure there are lots of different ways to do it in Germany, but I think it's still a good example for a good old traditional christmas in Germany.

Unlike in other countries in Germany it's traditional to put up the tree in the morning of Christmas Eve. The decorating of the house starts with Advent season or maybe even earlier, but the tree stays outside until that morning.

The day usually starts with the big rearranging of the furniture in the living room because ours at home is just not big enough XD So it's cleaning and vacuuming and stuff until around 11 AM, when my dad finally carries the tree into the room. The smell of the fresh wood and needles in combination with the crisp air outside... fuck yeah, my personal heaven right there :DD By that time my mum comes home from working if it's not a weekend. When my sister and I were smaller my dad did the decorating and we handed him stuff. By now my dad only puts on the lights and I'm doing all the decorations while my sister directs me to the empty spots XD

Here's an example of a tree we've put up in the last years :)

We prefer silver and a spare decoration than clogging it all full with little knickknacks. Although last year we had red baubles between the silver ones and we liked it as well :D

Lunch at Christmas Eve is usually just a soup to prepare for the following days full of way too much to eat XD

For dinner it's a traditional meal and every family has their own. In my family it's home made potato salad with Wiener Würstchen (sausages/bangers whatever you want to call it XD). It's the same for as long as I can remember and I love it. Other families prefer fish, especially carp, but as far as I know Wiener Würstchen is the most common meal for Christmas Eve. When dinner is finished it#s almost time for presents :D

By then it's dark outside, candles are burning, the tree is lit and the atmosphere is just amazing. When my sis and I were younger we always went on a walk with my granny to look at the christmas decorations all the houses in the neighbourhood put up. We'd take her arm left and right and wander through the dark and calm streets <333 And when we return Santa Claus was at our home and put the presents under the tree :D (well in our case it's always under the tv, cos the tree is usually put in a corner of the room behind the armchairs XD

Afterwards the evening is all cheering over the presents, looking through the new books or calendars, listen to christmas music or watching some crappy tv, cos Christmas has always the most horrible program ever, chocolate (not that I would eat it XD) and hot tea :D And that's really it for Christmas Eve. Still the best day of Christmas in my opinion and it's the evening I look forward to most :D

Next day is all about FOOOOD! Delicious roast goose with potato dumplings, cakes, christmas cookies and a huge dinner. OM NOM NOM NOM! Maybe doing a little walk in the afternoon, depending on weather conditions. Snow on Christmas barely happens unfortunately :/

Second Christmas day we usually go to celebrate at my aunt's and uncle's place and there is lots of good food again XD

The Christmas tree stays in the room at least until january. Unfortunately my father refuses to keep it till my birthday because by then it's loosing its needles and you can't even come near it without it dropping loads of them XD

And that's christmas for my family (I left out the usual drama happening, because I refuse to let it get me down. Christmas will always be a happy time for me XD)

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