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WOHA, long time no see! So I thought I should say hello XD

First -
hope you all had a wonderful christmas with your friends and families. I had an awesome time at home. Lots of amazing food and doing absolutely nothing at all :P This was the first Christmas where my sister's boyfriend was at our place and I was afraid he'd be an intruder and it would feel awkward, but everything turned out okay :)

I didn't get a lot of presents and I knew most of them, but I'm not a child anymore so it doesn't bother me at all :) My mom managed to get a recording of a field trip I did with my class in 8th grade... OMG HUMILIATING AND EMBARRASSING AND OMFG WHY WOULD SHE DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!!111?? D:

My best present is this <3333

It looks amazing! The whole box is covered in gallyfrey :D

And now

I don't even know where to start LOL Well, my team didn't win... you would have heard the scream LOL

I guess you all heard at least some of the things and saw some of the items. There were 219 tasks - pictures to take, videos to shoot or websites to create. Everything had to be done exactly like the task said - no interpreting at all allowed. The list is not online anymore, but if anyone really wants to see all the tasks I could scan my copies and put them on here :)

But I can give you the tasks I did (at least the ones I like - you're not getting a pic of my mouth with spinach between my teeth and you're not getting me doing an interpretive dance explaining the word Evolution, or me squirting mayonnaise on my hair :P).

Item #148 - Morse the words "this hunt has destroyed my family" in under 20 secs. My hand was dead afterwards and it took me DAYS to get it done this fast XD

Item #107 - An accurate watercolor painting of the future. With the phrase "GISHWHES is everywhere" painted somewhere on it.

Item #109 - A drawing of the GISHWHES scavenger Hunt reflecting multiple nationalities, locations and items.

Item #124 - A painting/drawing of Misha and the Queen of England as Tarzan and Jane posing in a red chair (she's in his lap)

In the end my amazing team #96 managed to get over 2,000 points <333

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I'll be off to London tomorrow to celebrate New Years Eve there. I'm gonna look at ALL THE THINGS and I'm looking forward to the Doctor Who Experience SO MUCH! :DD

BYE ALL! LOVE YOU ALL!! <333 *smishes*
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