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Thanks for reading all this and I hope my spelling and grammar is not TOO bad. I hope I won't be responsible for any eye cancer XD
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Hey all! I know I know, I've made myself extremely rare here and I'm sorry and I come bearing gifts? XD

So first things first - I didn't take a lot of pictures. I think I have almost more photo ops than everything else XD And second - the scanner hated me today, so photo ops will still be only bad photographs of the original. I will exchange them as soon as I can. Really sorry.


Off to Saturday :)

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... while I die here for a while XD 

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I know I know, it's not a report and before you all kill me I give you something XD Here are all my photo ops :) 

enjoy XD )


May. 23rd, 2011 02:17 pm
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okay guys - I'm back from Asylum Europe 2 and I really really try to be quick with my report, but there's so much stuff I have to do for RL that I don't know when I'll be able to write it.

And I totally lied about the millions of pics, because BOTH of my cameras weren't able to do decent pics of the panels so I don't have those - only the stuff that was all around. So I apologise in advance for that. I'll ask my friends if I can take some of their pics, because some of them were front row seating and had the best view XD

I'm already on my way to the con blues, but I try to fight it off as long as possible XD

In the mean time: VOTE FOR DEAN/CAS!

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Apr. 11th, 2011 06:49 pm
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I case there is still someone out there who doesn't know it...


Apr. 7th, 2011 09:04 pm
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what... I mean... I knew he had a special tongue, but this? thanks so much Misha - I bet you knew what you'd cause with this on twitter XD

thanks @sebroche for posting these XD

and he looks fucking amazing in this black shirt...

I want to be in Rome... *cries*
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So, yesterday was the annual Paleyfest and this year there was a supernatural panel. It's a bit like conventions only something more official with reporters, media and whatnot and not only for fans. The first one was in 2006 and it was simply amazing, so this year's promised to be even more brilliant. And it didn't disappoint. On stage were Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund :)

The Twitter feed went completely crazy for one hour and the things coming out of that one hour are brilliant. Lots of spoiler things, so I won't say a word and just let you all wait until the eps are around. :P

What I missed and only got to see this morning though... OH MY FUCKING GOD! AHHHH!!! XD

Here's a vid... the most important things are the first seconds LOL

Although it highly amuses me when the reporter ask Misha to "elaborate" and he actually does a double take because it doesn't happen often that there's a reporter with some sense of humor XD

But anyway - have some gifs...

credit to the people on tumblr and livejournal XD
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and imagine when they announce sebastion roche... I want a double panel with Misha and Seb... XD

Now I will definitely move heaven and hell to go to this convention. nothing will stop me.

I will meet all these amazing people again.


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So, Rogue Events actually managed to get Jensen and Jared to Germany in May....

I'm really really really really happy about this, because they are the main characters of the show and I would have been sad to miss them, despite going to 4 cons in 2 years. XD

I'm already seeing myself doing an J2 photo op with me as littel Cas in trenchcoat between them. *freaks out*

I'm a little concerned that it will be complete mayhem because conventions with J2 tend to get out of control rather quickly, but I'm trying to stay positive and I'm happy I'll have A7 to look forward to in case Aecon2 turns out to be a complete catastrophe XD



Nov. 25th, 2010 09:37 pm
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OKAY! So this turned up on tumblr right now... this is all kinds of awesome - not only because it's Misha wearing a shirt with "I love Jensen Ackles" (which is fake because there was actually I love "Justin Bieber" on it), but also BECAUSE THAT'S ME STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! I recognized the shirt and my ear LOL

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After a really short night (wondering again, how I was able to sleep at all) I got up and went to breakfast. Turned out that 90% of my little pension was booked by girls visiting the convention :D (I’m thinking about making the pension a Supernatural base next year XD We just have to book all as soon as the date for the convention is announced) :D It was cheap and good enough for sleeping there :P Who needs more?


After breakfast I changed into my Cas outfit… yes I did it. Putting it on, was sooooo creepy I tell you! It looked amazing! And I don’t want to flatter myself here, but the combination of suit and trench coat was just brilliant! XD

Walking to the convention hotel was somehow… exciting? Nerve wrecking? I mean we knew the very first thing of the day would be the Misha stage talk… omc, my heart was racing! I mean obviously I was drawing attention and it was meant to be that way, but I’m not a person who normally seeks it out actively – so I was nervous as hell.


It should have begun 9am, but it actually started around 9:15 to 9:20am, but nobody complained as far as I knew. They kept this time difference for the whole day, so it was alright.


Then there came this funny dude onto the stage – his name was Doug. Here he got his first applause. XD He tried to animate the crowd a bit, but he needed 2 or 3 tries to get us all loud enough. We were probably all way too nervous XD


But then it finally started and FUCK YEAH! There they were!!!! :D WOHOOOO!!!! I screamed and clapped like mad!! But I think my brain was still in “That’s all a good dream”-mode XD It was over way too fast and I think the Opening Ceremony should be a little bit more drawn out. Something more than just – here they are and there they go. XD


Then the preparation for the Ellen prank starts. I already wrote a recap of that one here:




Okay, that needed to be said XD


I won’t give detailed descriptions of the panels, cos I don’t remember a lot of it anyway, so go here these 2 lovely girls [ profile] insane_songbird  and [ profile] mangacat201 are writing down all you need to know about the stage talks :D


BUT – I can’t let this recap happen without reliving my fucking amazing experience at Misha’s panel XD


You wanna know what I felt? Well… already getting up from my seat and queuing for the question was damn hard work!

I just knew he would react in some kind of way and I wondered if it would be worth the heart attack XD In the end I did it the same way as I did bunjee jumping – DON’T OVERTHINK, JUST DO IT!


So I got up and into the queue… in trench coat and suit…omc, my hands were sweating and my heart was racing XD I tried to calm down, by listening to the other questions and laughing about Misha’s answers, but it didn’t really help that he turned to me in the middle of answering a question about Cas’s clothes and said to me “BTW, nice wardrobe”




Then the woman in front of me was done with her question and I stepped forward, fully expecting to have a few minutes time left, with him answering the question from the other side of the stage… well, I was mistaken… I don’t remember exactly what he told the other girl, but he wanted to talk to me first!! OMFC!!! At that time, I had a little problem with getting enough air into my lungs…


He asked me how I’m doing and I said “Great” which makes me facepalming now, especially the “Nervous” I tagged along… I don’t know why the whole room started laughing at that, but I guess I missed something while panicking before XD


That was the moment he waved me to come to him on the stage… holy mother of fucking shit… only at that moment, my brain was completely empty… I can’t remember a single thought that might have crossed my mind at that point. So I stepped up to him and he started to inspect my clothes, all the while murmuring things… I can’t remember one word of it XD then he complimented the way I even wore the tie backwards, shortly before complaining about the white sign that was still on it XD I said to him, I can’t remove it, because it’s the property of the German Army.

“You’re a soldier?”


“Are you allowed to do this?”


“Well, you’ll not be in the army for long.”

Then he said that Castiel doesn’t wear glasses and well, of course I took them off XD although I was half blind for the rest of the time – thank god he was standing so close to me…ahem… XD


Then I was finally allowed to ask my question – I wanted to know if he’d listened to or read any of the messages he got on the Australian phones. He looked really surprised by the question and repeated it (at least I hope it wasn’t because my grammar was so bad and he needed to verify what the hell I just asked) XD It looked as if he never spared a thought to these phones again after that day LOL


Here’s a vid showing his reaction (am I right about it?) 



I just love his “no”, as if he was surprised by the answer his brain came up with XD


Then he asked me if I have left a message – and was kinda shocked, cos my brain hadn’t thought so far and for a second I couldn’t remember what message I actually left him. XD

Of course he wanted to hear it and my brain supplied me with an answer, thank chuck XD So I told him I sent him greetings from Germany and Europe, which is not embarrassing, right? LOL

“So that was actually a long distance call, that was kinda expensive. I’m flattered that you would spend the money.” (Yes, of course Misha! For you! Whatever you want!)

You see I was quiet the whole time? When he starts talking there’s not a chance to get a word in. Not that I would have known what to say. LOL


and here a vid, with the explanation:



“But thank you.” XD I don’t know what he thanked me for here… the question? The call? XD


It’s so funny how he describes the reactions of the fans when he answered the phone XD I think I would have died if he’d actually took the phone when I called XD And all the time I stood there, staring at him with a blank mind and absolutely no idea what the fuck I’m doing up there XD


“It was a pleasure talking to you.”  *sighs* he’s so awesome! Although I might have not answered him and just left the stage cos my English finally failed me XD


After that I went back to my seat, grinning like a lunatic and trying to breath and getting my feet to work. I think I functioned on autopilot until I finally sat.  Well and then the freaking out started… hyperventilating and all that. I might have called my lovely Sarah in England. It took her ages to answer the phone, cos it was early in the morning and she was still sleeping. And the next 5 minutes or so I just told her over and over again things like that: “OMG, I was on the stage! *gasp* I was talking to him! *hyperventilating* He talked to me! OMG OMG OMG! FUCK! Help me!! OMG! SHIT!!” And apparently my voice was shaking as was my whole body… oh boy…


I missed everything going on in the panel after that for at least 5 to 10 minutes and even after I hung up I was barely able to concentrate on what was going on XD


People help me, I’m flailing again here XD


Okay, deep breath. It’s only 10:30 am at that time XD


After his panel the schedule told me there’d be Misha Photo Op… seems like they were trying to kill my right away…


So we immediately went for the queue for his photo :) I had number 78 and 79 (of course I would buy 2!) but I think that was the first and last time they needed the numbers for anything. We Germans are very disciplined and it worked perfectly without those. The organizers were skeptical at first, but a German assistant told them not to worry about it, everything would be fine. And it was. No chaos, no biting, scratching and killing followed. I was very proud of the German fans :)


So… photo ops… it was cool that the queue actually ended in the room where the pics were taken, so you had at least 5min to see multiple pics taken to get the last ideas for yours. I was determined to get a Mish Smish for my first pic and since I still was in Cas attire I wanted to do something Cas-like. First idea of course the zapping :D I hoped Misha would be game for that :D


And guess what? After I got my epic hug, I just opened my mouth to tell him what I want, he already took my hand (I DIED!!) and pressed my fingers to his forehead (I FUCKING DIED HARDER!!) and then I only had to keep my epic huge grin off my face. That was the hardest thing I had to do EVER! XD


Here they are (sorry no scans, yet. Uni sucks – takes all my time away)

The smile he gave me afterwards might have killed me again XD


What’s following is the one thing that went wrong completely – I came back to my rucksack just to see my friends frantically dragging all my stuff out of it. The bottle of beer I brought as regional artifact for Misha exploded in it – really exploded – there were only 3 large parts left, the rest was a billion little shards. My minion shirts sucked up most of it (which is bad, since it’s the only stuff I had to wear O__o but worst of all is – my drawings I did for the actors got wet as well! I wanted to smash something I was so angry! >:(

Thank god we had brilliant weather, so I put everything outside onto the seats at the terrace and waited for the sun to dry everything. God, everything stank like beer, it was horrible.

Unfortunately I missed the stage talk of Chad/Sam/Traci because of that :( So I sat there and got to talk to some girls, one of them allowed me to use her hotel room to change from the Cas outfit into my like dried beer stinking Minion shirt.


I went like that to Jim’s talk, hoping nobody would smell it XD Really ppl, I smelled as if I drank a liquor store LOL


Jim’s talk was amazing and funny :) Laughed my ass off. He’s so adorable! And still cruising through Germany btw, I hope he comes to Munich too :D


After lunch we sat on the meadow behind the hotel, enjoying the sunshine and a sandwich. We chatted and just sat there on the ground – a great break to calm everyone’s nerves and just BE.


After lunch then photo ops with Jim and Marksha :)


I think you can see that both of us had a laughing fit right before the pic XD

And here I don’t like my face and I’m still angry for not thinking about any funny idea. NOW I have some, but not at the time where I needed it most *sighs*

And after that… AUTOGRAPHS!!! \o/ 


(btw…if you are still with me at this point, dear reader, I’m really proud of you XD I hadn’t expected this to become so epically long – my apologies)


So…autographs :D


I think it was the only time we actually had to wait a bit longer and after the excitement from the whole day I was actually knackered and completely done with the world XD Well that lasted until the moment my badge number was allowed to get into the room with the signing :P I had my map with all the drawings and pictures ready, as well as the presents for Misha :)


Finally in the room I might have got a small heart attack… just because… XD


I didn’t buy an autograph of Jason and it was kinda sad to look at – him sitting there without anyone queuing for him :/ 


Sam – she was really lovely and I just have to say I love her voice :D I’m sad that I didn’t manage to make a drawing of her to give it to her *sighs*


Chad – a lovely man :) I asked if he could dedicate the autograph to my friend Katja from Finland, cos she couldn’t be there and he did so. Haven’t had a pic for him as well *big sigh*


Second Marksha – he was soooo evil :D He loved my drawing! But when he saw my Minion shirt he got all angry and pretended to scribble over the it XD Then he wrote onto my autograph that I should come over to the dark side :D Said they needed talented ppl with the Legions XD (don’t have enough, eh?) XD


Then Traci – her queue was almost empty, which I don’t understand at all! She’s just amazing!! She almost went crazy when I gave her my drawing for her! Took a picture of me holding it and I think I fell a bit in love with her. There will be definitely a photo op with her next time I meet her :D


Jim – Oh how I love him :D He loved his pic and told me that a family member (I guess he said sister but I’m not sure – does he got a sister?) is also named Denise :D and I so love him speaking German, he did it all the time this weekend :D Amazing guy, really.

AND NOW MISHA! – While waiting in other queues I saw him getting LOTS of presents (for those who don’t know – he was asking us via twitter to bring home-town artifacts for him), including the cowboy hat in German colors, which he wore for a while XD Such a dork! And he got Gummibears – millions of packages of Gummibears, since Minions found out he liked them at JiBcon XD Since my beer from Munich exploded, I only had a bottle of Vita Cola – a coke only produced and sold in Eastern Germany – my drawing and of course a bag of Gummibears XD So – my nerves got fried once again, while I was inching closer and closer to him, and when I arrived he had put the hat away XD

Well and then I started talking to him XD He was really interested in my coke and where I come from, but well… how do I explain to someone from USA where in Germany my little 3,000 ppl home village is? XD Then he signed my pic where I zapped him away and told me once again, that he like what I was wearing – and at this moment he saw for the first time my Minion attire with the Minion button XD He loved it LOL My last sentence to him? “You’re amazing!” *facepalm* his answer? “YOU’RE amazing!” I died… then and there… that’s probably why all the ppl in the queue grinned at me when I made my way back XD I must have looked as if I collapse now any second XD


Needed ages to calm down XD


Last thing of the day was the Group Photo shot for me. So I waited there in the queue and it was just once again amazing to see all of them pass us at arms length :D Marksha always seemed a bit shy – mostly staring at the ground, avoiding eye contact and only glancing up once in a while, smiling and waving – as if he was afraid we will attack him, when he looks at us XD Jim on the other hand mostly passed right through us, smiling, waving, saying hello and enjoying the crowd. While I waited Misha came along with two elderly ppl, dragging a suitcase behind, making their way slowly through the corridor. Guessed it where his parents, which is adorable beyond words. He brought his whole family to Germany! I wanted to hug him right there XD


The photo shoot itself was a bit rushed. No time for a lot of funny stuff :) But I was greeted with a loud and enthusiastic HEY! by Misha an that made it great anyway XD Got to be smished between Misha and Chad :D

After that it was over (and yes, the report is over as well) XD we skipped the party, expecting it to be not better than the day before and we didn’t get down into the bar to see the guests drinking and dancing with the fans. And since I had no ticket for Jason’s concert I went into the hotel with my friend Nadja and we surfed the internet the whole evening and I watched the Championsleague finale XD


Went to my own hotel around 1am.

 AND THAT’S IT!! Holy shit this is a monster of report O____o please forgive me D:  And please point out things I might have forgotten XD

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SO Friday morning – getting up – still wondering how I was able to sleep at all… I was so nervous! Picking up another girl on the road, which totally stuffed my trunk with presents for everyone and I was wondering how to get the luggage of the other 2 girls I have to pick up at the train station of Bad Neuenahr into the car… turned out they were not 2 but 3… the ride to the hotel would have been kinda hilarious with everyone but me buried under bags and stuff, if it wouldn’t have been so damn hot XD


Arriving at the hotel (after driving once through the town without finding the hotel), first thing we saw was this: 

and this totally made the whole thing so damn real… I think I got gooseflesh all over despite the heat and we started squeeing immediately  O__o


Same as we saw this… oh the little pleasures XD

After that we found out that the registration was postponed for 1 hr, which was fine with me. I had some time to get down from the exhausting car drive and even had time to get my car from the disabled parking space to the bigger one around the hotel. XD I knew from some girls that they were gonna be late, so for them it was good as well. And we had time to search for all the ppl we only knew through twitter or LiveJournal and it was so great to actually meet some of them in flesh and blood :) 


So, then registration. Went smoothly and fast and I even managed to get a ticket for Misha’s coffee lounge on Sunday even though it wasn’t supposed to get sold before the next morning XD

We went to the vendor room after that and of course we spent the first money there XD Although I was quite disappointed from it, as other ppl as well. No posters, no magazines, no books. It was just one table with stuff. They could bring more the next time ^^


After that the 3 of us left the hotel to get to our own pension for checking in. Well, we barely managed a distance of 30m when there were 3 taxis approaching us. I saw immediately the face of Vicki in the back! Next to her was Traci, but I couldn’t see who was the third in the back. We started waving and they waved back! :D We realized that they will get out of the cars in front of the hotel…we were there just 2min ago! So we started walking back to see them at least from a distance – and yes, I felt silly for actually behaving like a crazy fangirl, even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t XD


So we walked SLOWLY to my car and well, then we actually saw them all getting out of the car and getting their luggage out of another car and I couldn’t stop myself from playing a bit paparazzi XD

After that (and after we calmed down from the epic freak out), we checked in into our own hotels, meet up to upload the first pics. At that time the first texts arrived, telling us that Mark walks around in the hotel and so we decided to get back as fast as possible. In the end nothing big happened there and we decided to go into town to eat dinner there. Well, guess what??

It's so amazing that the actors can walk around in the town without getting bothered at all! Well, I mean they saw me taking pics, but they only waved and that was that. We ate in a restaurant close by and chatted and only freaked out a tiny bit, when Traci and Jim walked by XD

After that nothing major happened - only a little sighting of Misha, Vicki and Jason... ahem...

then we finally left town and started to get ready for the first party (Doctors & Nurses).

Unfortunately the party wasn’t a huge success. Rogue Events might have brought their own DJ with them, but what sense does this make, when he plays absolute shit and doesn’t even have “Eye of the Tiger” in his playlist! Not a single SPN song the whole evening and only 1 AC/DC song in the beginning and it went downhill from there. *sighs*

Only very few dressed up at all, which made the party quite boring. We managed to entertain us for a while anyway XD

… and so we left kinda early to make our own party in the hotel. It was amazing – 7 girls drinking Purple Nurples and creating TeamPurpleNurple XD

All in all it was a perfect ending to an absolutely amazing first day in Bad Neuenahr! The actors realized that they can walk through the hotel and the city without getting molested or attacked by crazy fangirls immediately and so they could walk around freely, which is probably a huge bonus for Germany :P And we got the chance to see them all for the first time, which gave me an epic heart attack XD <3






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