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I dreamed I was in an old historical castle where the sister of the queen lived and people got killed in most gruesome ways. I walked through old stone corridors with torches at the walls and I felt like someone was watching me. But then I heard the sound of the TARDIS! I was really glad that the Doctor would be there to help me XD But I never saw the TARDIS or the Doctor, although I knew it was the 11. Doc... weird...

It all went down form there. Lots of weird monsters - rather disgusting and slime *shudders*

Then suddenly I was back in my own yard at home and I thought it was over, but suddenly there were wasps crawling out from under my skin... damn, that was terrible I tell you! I was just back in the old castle when I woke up. That horrible feeling of being eaten from the inside is still lingering although I'm awake for 6 hrs now. And I still remember it rather clearly. ugh.
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okay, so I had TWO weird dreams this night. why do they keep coming to me? XD

first one was a mix of Harry Potter and my hometown. I was trying to protect a girl from Voldemort, but in the end he got her of course because he killed everyone she loved. Funny is, it was a girl who went to elementary school with me and I haven't seen her since. Only a picture in the social network studivz. Ah, and in the end of the dream when she had to face Voldemort, suddenly I was her and had to fight him! I was pretty good I think and took out quite some of his Death Eaters with my magic before... the dream ended and I woke up. But I still could feel my hand twitching, wanting to wield a wand XD

I must have fallen asleep again, because suddenly I was on a huge graveyard. Not a scary one in the middle of the night, but a colourful and playful one with huge tombs with little ponds and fish in it (then somebody let out the water and killed all fish XD). At first I was there with my sister and I think I had this one before because it had a deja-vu feeling. especially when that huge wild boar came towards us and destroyed the grave in front of us, while we stood there LOL but then it got weird, because suddenly I was in the middle of a game where we everyone was supposed to find little pictures and marks on graves that lead you to another one. So I started running from grave to grave searching for these. Then the graveyard was suddely filled with hundrets of ppl, going for a walk, chatting and playing the game as well. It was more like a park now. I almost despaired because I didn't find any when there was suddenly someone helping me. I didn't see her face and had no idea who it was, but she gave me hints to which graves to go in order to win. And she gave me a pen to sign the graves I had found XD Then I realized that everybody playing the game were old class mates of mine. This is srsly getting weirder and weirder LOL thank god my alarm went off then XD

I wonder what my brain wanted to tell me with them XD 


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