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Saw this at [ profile] hils and [ profile] twisting_vine_x 's journal and just had to share, because it's so true and once again I feel like people GET IT.

Fandom is...  )

I think I'm actually crying. I know why I feel so at home here and this is a proof why I'm right to do so.


Jun. 10th, 2011 08:58 pm
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does anybody even want to read that damn report about #aecon2 anymore? XD cos when nobody is waiting for it then I don't have to write it XD

in the meantime - my lovely twitter friend [ profile] picklepegg has finished her dissertation and since it's about fandom she put it online -

“A Critical Analysis of Modern Fan Cultures Attached to Television Texts and the Participatory Nature of Their Activities. With Specific Focus on the Fan Culture of Supernatural.”

Sounds complicated, but it's a very nice read about fan culture, conventions, fan fictions and especially slash :D


Apr. 17th, 2011 05:15 pm
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heya! my dear friend [ profile] uliamos made her first Supernatural vid :D it's about The French Mistake so you better watch it all XD

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it's not a spoilery pic, because you can't see anything going on, but I'm putting it behind a cut, so everyone can decide for oneself to look at it :) 



credit goes to the awesome [ profile] uliamos who decided to make a trip to Vancouver and found out where the hell they are shooting XD
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Since I'm supposed to work on my paper I thought I could finally make the entry about my long weekend with my friends at the book fair :P

It's going to be loads of pictures so I'll pack it into a cut - don't want your flists zu explode XD

books, books and even more books... )


Mar. 12th, 2011 01:00 pm
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I'm sitting in front of the tv since yesterday morning. And for me this is not just another catastrophe like New Zealand or Haiti or whatever - this is fucking personal because my friend [ profile] ameshinju lives RIGHT THERE! Her neighbour town was hit very hard and is destroyed completey and I'm so damn glad that I was able to contact her afterwards. I know she was okay until a few hours ago.

The fact that now there's a nuclear meltdown on top of everything doesn't exactly manage to calm me the fuck down.
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this is my first try at writing a recap for a supernatural episode. I wanted it to be good, full of analyzing things and deep thoughts... I clearly chose the wrong episode for something like that, because this is all what came out of me:

#lame )

okay, I think I'm back among the living. holy mother of everything.

thanks to [ profile] uliamos it got even better because with her being a spoilerphobe she knew NOTHING before hand and to see her face and hear her crying laughter for the whole show just made everything even better XD SKYPE ROCKS LOL

I watched it 2,5 half times before going to bed around 6AM... it was so worth a night without sleep :D

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I mean... wow... once again my friends prove how amazing they are. I did not expect this - at all.

awesomeness that is my life underneath here... )



Jan. 29th, 2011 07:23 pm
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Today someone asked if I and my best friend are together - as in together together *facepalm*

I guess we had it coming with us being joined at the hip during classes and everyday in general, but it felt weird and we both looked at each other a bit shocked for the first moment XD The thought never even crossed our minds, especially with him having a girlfriend and getting married this summer LOL

In other news the block seminar this weekend sucks big time and I'm sooooo boooored! 9 hrs today and it felt as if I lost a few years of my lifetime. Tomorrow will be the same again *sighs*

And my hand is still not better. I really should try to stay away from my pc for a few days because typing doesn't really help XD
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OOOOOOOKAY! Here we go! This is going to be long XD

I think I better put this under a cut LOL )

woah... that's an amazing long report and I apologize :P


Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:57 pm
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SO! I will drive home to my parent's place tomorrow morning and will be at my friend's this evening so I think I will already do my big celebration post LOL


I wish you all a wonderful time with your families, loads of presents and snow ( I know some of you have enough of it, but for me it's a MUST XD) and of course...


May all your wishes for the brand new year will come true and hopefully I see you all again or finally meet some of you :D


I wish I had sparkles LOL
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when you find supernatural advent calendars in your mail :D

thank you so much [ profile] insane_songbird !!! :D I'm happy to be a #nurplette :D

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this is going to be so awesome. and as short as it will be... I know I will remember it for ever!

It's going to be the first time I fly alone.

It's going to be the first time I'll fly across the atlantic ocean.

I will have a week with my [ profile] uliamos and we will see Toronto and watch Dr. Who.

I never wanna come back XD


Nov. 22nd, 2010 10:34 pm
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my best buddy just wrote me a text. Roughly translated it says:

"I'm glad to call you my best friend. I hope you can say the same about me. See you tomorrow."

I'm genuinly touched, although I wonder what brought this on. It's almost in the middle of the night and we parted ways only 2,5 hours ago. Sometimes I wished I would know what's going on in that brain of his. *shakes head*


Nov. 9th, 2010 11:20 pm
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SO Friday morning – getting up – still wondering how I was able to sleep at all… I was so nervous! Picking up another girl on the road, which totally stuffed my trunk with presents for everyone and I was wondering how to get the luggage of the other 2 girls I have to pick up at the train station of Bad Neuenahr into the car… turned out they were not 2 but 3… the ride to the hotel would have been kinda hilarious with everyone but me buried under bags and stuff, if it wouldn’t have been so damn hot XD


Arriving at the hotel (after driving once through the town without finding the hotel), first thing we saw was this: 

and this totally made the whole thing so damn real… I think I got gooseflesh all over despite the heat and we started squeeing immediately  O__o


Same as we saw this… oh the little pleasures XD

After that we found out that the registration was postponed for 1 hr, which was fine with me. I had some time to get down from the exhausting car drive and even had time to get my car from the disabled parking space to the bigger one around the hotel. XD I knew from some girls that they were gonna be late, so for them it was good as well. And we had time to search for all the ppl we only knew through twitter or LiveJournal and it was so great to actually meet some of them in flesh and blood :) 


So, then registration. Went smoothly and fast and I even managed to get a ticket for Misha’s coffee lounge on Sunday even though it wasn’t supposed to get sold before the next morning XD

We went to the vendor room after that and of course we spent the first money there XD Although I was quite disappointed from it, as other ppl as well. No posters, no magazines, no books. It was just one table with stuff. They could bring more the next time ^^


After that the 3 of us left the hotel to get to our own pension for checking in. Well, we barely managed a distance of 30m when there were 3 taxis approaching us. I saw immediately the face of Vicki in the back! Next to her was Traci, but I couldn’t see who was the third in the back. We started waving and they waved back! :D We realized that they will get out of the cars in front of the hotel…we were there just 2min ago! So we started walking back to see them at least from a distance – and yes, I felt silly for actually behaving like a crazy fangirl, even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t XD


So we walked SLOWLY to my car and well, then we actually saw them all getting out of the car and getting their luggage out of another car and I couldn’t stop myself from playing a bit paparazzi XD

After that (and after we calmed down from the epic freak out), we checked in into our own hotels, meet up to upload the first pics. At that time the first texts arrived, telling us that Mark walks around in the hotel and so we decided to get back as fast as possible. In the end nothing big happened there and we decided to go into town to eat dinner there. Well, guess what??

It's so amazing that the actors can walk around in the town without getting bothered at all! Well, I mean they saw me taking pics, but they only waved and that was that. We ate in a restaurant close by and chatted and only freaked out a tiny bit, when Traci and Jim walked by XD

After that nothing major happened - only a little sighting of Misha, Vicki and Jason... ahem...

then we finally left town and started to get ready for the first party (Doctors & Nurses).

Unfortunately the party wasn’t a huge success. Rogue Events might have brought their own DJ with them, but what sense does this make, when he plays absolute shit and doesn’t even have “Eye of the Tiger” in his playlist! Not a single SPN song the whole evening and only 1 AC/DC song in the beginning and it went downhill from there. *sighs*

Only very few dressed up at all, which made the party quite boring. We managed to entertain us for a while anyway XD

… and so we left kinda early to make our own party in the hotel. It was amazing – 7 girls drinking Purple Nurples and creating TeamPurpleNurple XD

All in all it was a perfect ending to an absolutely amazing first day in Bad Neuenahr! The actors realized that they can walk through the hotel and the city without getting molested or attacked by crazy fangirls immediately and so they could walk around freely, which is probably a huge bonus for Germany :P And we got the chance to see them all for the first time, which gave me an epic heart attack XD <3






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