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here's the first teaser of Misha's ne project - the web-series Divine.

Let me tell you OMFG THIS WILL KILL ME!
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no words. enjoy. stare.

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In case someone missed this interview :D This is just too funny LOL 

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Here's a longer interview from the TVGuideMagazine photoshoot.

Misha saying "Sasha" is a new kink of mine... XDD
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So TVGuideMAgazine just announced the winners:  (DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE VIDEO ON THAT SITE!!)

Favorite Actor: Jensen Ackles

Favorite NonHuman: Castiel

Favorite Sci-Fi Series: Supernatural

(fandom rules)

but most important is this anyway...


Your argument is invalid. Misha wears a friggin (odd and yet hot) suit. that was all.


Apr. 11th, 2011 06:49 pm
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I case there is still someone out there who doesn't know it...

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I guess everyone has heard by now about Misha's project for Haiti? This night he sent a letter to everyone who's part of the team.

Dear Awesome Person,

Thank you so much for joining in our Random Acts fundraiser. You, as the salutation above indicates, are an awesome person. I am both moved and impressed that so many of you have become part of our team. We are going to use the money we raise to build a community center in Haiti, to send some aid to Japan, and to continue funding Random Acts in the coming year. As you know, this is a unique opportunity to be a part of the adventure and to be a hands-on participant in helping build a community center in Jacmel, Haiti.

So far, the fundraising is going great. You guys are getting creative, throwing parties, hosting auctions, doing car washes, hitting up your friends and relatives, selling your family heirlooms, pimping out your siblings, whatever it takes. Keep it up!

It is not too late for people to join the campaign, so if you have friends who you think might like to be a part of this, point them in the right direction and get them started too!

As you know, those who raise $5000 or more on their Hope to Haiti Crowdrise page are going to be invited to join us in Jacmel. But we want to make the fundraising process exciting, so we're throwing a few curve-balls your way:

Curve Ball #1

Anyone who raises $1000 will have a ticket with their name on it thrown in a hat for a raffle. Every $1000 you raise gets you another ticket in the hat. $1000 = 1 ticket, $3000 = 3 tickets, $2,890,000 = 2,890 tickets, etc. On May 25, 2011, we will draw one ticket out of the hat, and if your name is on the ticket, we will invite you to join us in Haiti and we will cover your travel and lodging costs so the trip will be 100% free for you.

Curve Ball #2

Anyone who raises over $1000 will automatically receive the following: A mix CD with some of my favorite songs on it, one of my favorite novels with a personal thank-you note written inside, and a signed piece of Random Acts swag.

Curve Ball #3

Who ever raises the absolute mostest on their Crowdrise page, morer even than anyone, whoever has gotten biggerest number of dollars donated will get my iPad and I'll also send you box of homemade fortune cookies and I will write real future-telling fortunes for you and put them inside.

Thank you so much for being a part of our organization. It means the world to me and it will make a real difference in the lives of people who need our help. This is a crazy time in the world; wars and natural disasters seem to be popping up daily. Poverty and inequality are everywhere you look. Rather than throwing our hands up in despair, let’s get together and do what we can. Every little action of kindness or care we take in our lives, every chance we take to spread a little joy or happiness, makes a difference to someone else.

Thank you so much,

Misha Collins
On that note I really should come out and pimp my own donation page, which I might have forgotten... I only used it to donate money. I wasn't thinking straight I guess. Every Dollar is needed. So if you can spare a few of those...donate here: or just join the team yourself.


Apr. 7th, 2011 09:04 pm
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what... I mean... I knew he had a special tongue, but this? thanks so much Misha - I bet you knew what you'd cause with this on twitter XD

thanks @sebroche for posting these XD

and he looks fucking amazing in this black shirt...

I want to be in Rome... *cries*
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it's not a spoilery pic, because you can't see anything going on, but I'm putting it behind a cut, so everyone can decide for oneself to look at it :) 



credit goes to the awesome [ profile] uliamos who decided to make a trip to Vancouver and found out where the hell they are shooting XD
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srsly... how can he be so pretty?

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So, yesterday was the annual Paleyfest and this year there was a supernatural panel. It's a bit like conventions only something more official with reporters, media and whatnot and not only for fans. The first one was in 2006 and it was simply amazing, so this year's promised to be even more brilliant. And it didn't disappoint. On stage were Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund :)

The Twitter feed went completely crazy for one hour and the things coming out of that one hour are brilliant. Lots of spoiler things, so I won't say a word and just let you all wait until the eps are around. :P

What I missed and only got to see this morning though... OH MY FUCKING GOD! AHHHH!!! XD

Here's a vid... the most important things are the first seconds LOL

Although it highly amuses me when the reporter ask Misha to "elaborate" and he actually does a double take because it doesn't happen often that there's a reporter with some sense of humor XD

But anyway - have some gifs...

credit to the people on tumblr and livejournal XD
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So Misha's Rhino Hunt is officially over - sadly I'm not in the winning team, but it was funny as hell and I met awesome people :) 

Here's Misha's officially offical mail :) 

and so the journey goes on...  )
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this is my first try at writing a recap for a supernatural episode. I wanted it to be good, full of analyzing things and deep thoughts... I clearly chose the wrong episode for something like that, because this is all what came out of me:

#lame )

okay, I think I'm back among the living. holy mother of everything.

thanks to [ profile] uliamos it got even better because with her being a spoilerphobe she knew NOTHING before hand and to see her face and hear her crying laughter for the whole show just made everything even better XD SKYPE ROCKS LOL

I watched it 2,5 half times before going to bed around 6AM... it was so worth a night without sleep :D

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and imagine when they announce sebastion roche... I want a double panel with Misha and Seb... XD

Now I will definitely move heaven and hell to go to this convention. nothing will stop me.

I will meet all these amazing people again.


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Finally a video with a good enough quality to actually understand what's been said XD


Beware of a vid full of spoilers for next week :)  )
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so, the next part of the scavenger hunt is on!! 

And I won't tell you what it is and what I'll do, because here are people spying for other teams *looks to [ profile] hils *

but it kept me awake until 3AM, which was totally not planned, because I'm sick and wanted to die just 4 hrs ago. Misha heals every sickness, since there is nothing left of my headache and my sick stomach right now. I'm afraid it will catch up with me tomorrow, no, today, I mean *facepalm*

*is off dying*


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